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DPS Selection Process

Selection Process
Since the expected duration to fill a vacancy varies by position, the following language will provide an applicant with a better understanding of the overall selection process and anticipated timeframe to fill the position.
The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority’s (MNAA) selection process can be lengthy, based on the position, and as such a candidate may anticipate the process lasting up to six (6) months.  Every application is reviewed in its entirety.  An applicant whose qualifications best meet the needs of MNAA will be contacted to participate in a two-step oral interview process.  In order to proceed to the first oral interview, an applicant must successfully pass any required written and/or physical fitness examinations.  A candidate who successfully completes the first oral interview will advance to the departmental interview. 
For an Officer Trainee position, an applicant selected to participate in the written and physical fitness examination phase of the process will be notified electronically.  Those who do not successfully complete this phase can not reapply for three (3) months.  An applicant not selected to test will be notified electronically, and may reapply as positions become available.  An applicant who passes all portions of the process will be placed on an eligibility list according to their performance in the departmental interview.  Once this list is established, a member of the Human Resources Department contacts all candidates who are interviewed. 
If an applicant is extended a contingent employment offer and eliminated due to a disqualifying factor identified during the background investigation, he or she may not reapply until all requirements are successfully met to complete the investigation. 
A kiosk is available in the Human Resources Department located on the fourth (4th) floor of the terminal.  Free online access is also available at Career Centers and Public Libraries.