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Equestrian Program

Airport Equestrian Program
Thank you for your interest in the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority's Airport Equestrian Program. The Airport Equestrian Program is made up of volunteers that ride their horses along the eastern perimeter of the 4,500 acre Nashville International Airport. While equestrians enjoy a pristine location that includes wooded trails to ride, the airport has extra eyes and ears in areas that most security patrols cannot easily access.
All program participants are required to fill out an application and undergo background checks. Once the application is approved and background checks are completed (fee required), riders are issued a photo-identification airport badge giving them access to certain remote parts of the airport property. All riders must be equipped with cell phones, so they will be able to call for the airport police if they spot suspicious activity. Riders are given the phone numbers to call when picking up their photo-identification airport badge. The trails are being well-marked to give points of reference.
Application Process

Click here to download the Airport Equestrian Application - Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Click here to download the Airport Equestrian Application - MSWord (DOC)

Download the application, print it out and send the completed application in one of three ways:
  • Via fax to the attention Airport Equestrian Program Coordinator, Department of Public Safety, (615) 275-1451.
  • If you are unable to download, then call the Airport Equestrian Program Coordinator at (615) 275-4420 and provide your name, fax number, e-mail address or mailing address, and an application will be promptly sent to you.
  • If you do not have the ability to fax, then please return a copy (retain the original) by mail to:
Airport Equestrian Program
Department of Public Safety
Nashville International Airport
921 Airport Service Road
Nashville, TN 37214

After the Department of Public Safety receives the application properly filled out and signed, it will be processed by verifying the information and running a background check (fee required), including a criminal background and registered sex offender check. If approved, you will be contacted to set an appointment to attend a one hour training class, have your picture taken and an ID badge prepared, to sign some other documents, including a waiver and release of liability, to receive a manual that includes a set of the Rules & Regulations, a list of what to look for in terms of suspicious activity when you are out riding, and a map to the trailheads.
Trail Information
The Airport Equestrian Program Trailhead is located on Pulley Road at Airport Perimeter gate #17 just north of Couchville Pike. On older maps this area is listed as McCrory Creek Road that turns in to Pulley Road.