ELECTRONIC PROPOSALS submitted through www.aerobidz.com for completion of Retirement Plan(s) Administrative Services shall be received by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, (MNAA) Nashville, Tennessee, until and not later than 2:00 p.m. (local time) on Monday, April 26,2021.  Proposers wishing to submit a non-electronic proposal may do so only after receiving written authorization from MNAA.  Written authorization to submit a non-electronic proposal may be requested by emailing purchasing@flynashville.com at least five (5) days prior to the date proposals are due.  Proposers submitting a non-electronic proposal must submit a copy of the written authorization with their proposal package.


SCOPE.  Scope of Services is detailed in Exhibit A of the RFP.


THE RFP DOCUMENTS.  Copies of the Contract Documents (RFP, Proposal Schedule, Attachments, etc.) will be available on or after Monday, March 29, 2021 and may be obtained electronically from www.aerobidz.aero, an online tendering service.


Free registration with Aerobidz is available at Business Opportunities | Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (flynashville.com)


Proposers are advised to review the RFP Documents carefully prior to submitting a Proposal on the Project.  Proposers are also advised to review the RFP and Instructions to Proposers carefully prior to preparing their Proposals.


Proposals must be submitted on the Proposal Form included in the RFP Documents and the successful Proposer will be required to execute a Professional Services Contract and other documents requiring execution.



The selected Proposer must have a minimum of fifteen (15)  years of continuous experience in the management and administration of retirement plans, and must be licensed to do business in the State of Tennessee.  Please list the federal, state and other regulatory agencies with which your firm is licensed or registered, and the type of license held.


SMALL MINORITY WOMAN-owned BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (SWMBE) PARTICIPATION.  It is the MNAA’s objective to promote, encourage, and stimulate participation of local, small, minority and woman-owned business enterprises (SMWBE) within its organization and the economic community served by it so as to provide maximum opportunities to participate in contracts, programs and all related business activities of the MNAA. MNAA will apply the local small minority woman business participation levels where expenditures and purchases are made with non-federal funding, and to all contracts, leases, management agreements, consultants, prime contractors, subcontractors, respondents, proposers, or proposers involved in the performance of a commercially useful task for MNAA.


Proposers are encouraged to meet SMWBE participation levels established by the Business Diversity Development Department, or, if unable to meet the participation level, engage in good faith efforts to joint venture, subcontract, or contract for supplies or services with SMWBEs. The attainment of the SMWBE participation level established for this contract is to be measured as a percentage of the total dollar value of the contract. The SMWBE participation level established for this Contract will be Zero Percent. For information on eligible SMWBE firms, proposers should visit Business Diversity Development | Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (flynashville.com) a complete and current listing of certified SMWBE firms, or certified DBEs located within the state of Tennessee, which can be found on the TNUCP Directory (TDOT)  website at https://www.tdot.tn.gov/Applications/DBEDirect/Search


RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL PROPOSALS.  MNAA proposes to award the Contract to the lowest responsive and responsible Proposer, provided it has met the goals for SMWBE participation or, if failing to meet the goals, has made an acceptable good faith effort to meet the established goals for the SMWBE participation.  Proposer is advised that MNAA reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals submitted, to waive any and all informalities, irregularities and/or technicalities in any Proposal or Proposal Guaranty, to accept any Proposal deemed advantageous to it and to negotiate changes, deletions, or additions to these Contract Documents with the successful Proposer.