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Frequent Parker Program

Update Regarding Frequent Parking System 

System Suspended Indefinitely

As you know, the Frequent Parker program is currently suspended due to technical issues with our system. While we are working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues and resume the program, we wanted to advise that because of the complex nature of the problem, the system will remain down indefinitely and the Frequent Parker program will be unavailable until further notice. We regret this development and apologize for any inconvenience.  Until the program resumes, customers will need to enter and exit lots with a parking ticket. 



Join BNA's Frequent Parker Program!

Top Reasons to Join the Program:

  • Fast access in and out of all parking lots, excluding Valet and BNA Express Park lots
  • Free parking with earned points, excluding Valet  and BNA Express Park lots
  • Convenient automated credit card payment
Earn Points Toward Free Parking
FPP members earn 240 points per full-day charge in any lot (excluding Valet and BNA Express Park), or earn 11 points per dollar spent if the daily lot rate is not reached. You may redeem these points for free parking in any lot, except Valet and BNA Express Park. Once redemption day(s) are selected, members simply use their pass. The reward will be applied automatically.
  • 1,080 = One free day in Economy
  • 1,080 = One free day in Long Term B
  • 1,200 = One free day in Long Term A
  • 2,640 = One free day in Short Term
How Does It Work?
  • Register for the program at The cost for the Frequent Parker pass is $20. Some vehicles may require an alternate pass due to magnetic components within various windshields; the cost for this pass is $60. All major credit cards are accepted.
  • A Frequent Parker pass, which gives you automatic entry/exit to BNA parking lots, will be mailed to the member. With this tag, he or she will be able to automatically pass through designated entrance/exit lanes. The Frequent Parker system will automatically charge the parking duration to the credit card provided at the time of sign-up.
  • Member may check their account status online at Members can print receipts and view current points at their convenience. They also can track the number of free days of parking accrued in each lot and select which day(s) they want to redeem their rewards.
  • Start earning reward points toward free parking today!


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