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Board of Commissioners

Click here​ for the 2015 Board Meeting schedule. 
Meetings are held at 1 p.m. in the Authority's board room unless otherwise noted. ​

MNAA policies are determined by a 10-member board of commissioners appointed by the mayor of Nashville. The board is made up of three (3) business and finance representatives, two (2) pilot representatives, two (2) neighborhood representatives, one (1) engineering representative, one (1) legal representative and the mayor of Nashville Davidson County.
Board members receive no compensation for their service.
Current board members are:
  • Juli H. Mosley, P.E. - Chair
    Serving as Engineering Representative
  • A. Dexter Samuels, Ph.D. - Vice Chair
    Serving as Neighborhood Representative​
  • Robert J. Walker - Secretary
    Serving as Pilot Representative
  • Karl F. Dean - Mayor
  • Rod Essig 
    Serving as Industry/Commerce/Finance Representative
  • Amanda Farnsworth
    Serving as Industry/Commerce/Finance Representative
  • Aubrey B. Harwell, III 
    Serving as Legal Representative
  • Bobby Joslin 
    Serving as Pilot Representative
  • Nicole R. Maynard
    Serving as Industry/Commerce/Finance Representative
  • Deborah Wright 
    Serving as Neighborhood Representative