Business Opportunities

Nashville International Airport and John C. Tune Airports provide opportunities for businesses of all sizes and specialties of work. For information on current opportunities and how to submit an application, select an option below.

Become A Vendor

To become a vendor with Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and added to our vendor list,
click here to fill out our Contractor/Vendor Application.

Please keep in mind it is up to each individual company to watch for new procurement/business opportunities with the Airport Authority by checking our website often.


Want to bid on a project? You’ll need to be registered with Aerorbidz. Please fill out the form below to register. The Airport Authority will cover the cost, and you will be notified by Aerobidz via email once your registration is complete.

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For additional Procurement/Business Opportunities information, contact us at 615-275-2300 or

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Cone of Silence

Fairness and transparency are the cornerstones of the procurement process. During an open solicitation, a term called the “cone of silence” is often used to describe the time period which begins with the solicitation being advertised through successful award of a contract. The cone of silence is meant to safeguard any information that could provide an unfair advantage to a prospective bidder/proposer. All communications during the solicitation process shall be in written form and directed to the Purchasing Department only. The Respondent, its agents or employees, shall not contact or communicate with MNAA’s Board Members, President, Staff, Consultant, or Legal Counsel, nor shall the Respondent have other parties make such contact or communication on their behalf. Such unauthorized contact constitutes grounds to reject the Respondent’s submittal.

Additional City / State Opportunities

Contact us at
615-275-2300 or
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