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Disparity Study

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Disparity Study

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) is conducting a Disparity Study for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program and Small, Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program for federally-assisted construction, professional services and commodities and other services contracts to ensure that these programs remain legally defensible and administratively successful.

  • What is a "disparity study?"
A disparity study involves compilation of evidence to determine whether the Airport has a strong basis for implementing race- and gender-conscious contracting remedies and narrowly tailoring any race- and gender-conscious remedies. This includes statistical evidence of disparities, if any, between the availability of minority- and women-owned business enterprises and their utilization on MNAA contracts and subcontracts throughout the Nashville economy as a whole, as well as factors necessary for entrepreneurial success, such as access to business capital, networks, suppliers, etc. The study also will
gather anecdotal evidence of any continuing race and sex discrimination and the present effects of past discrimination. Finally, the study will evaluate MNAA’s current programs and make recommendations for future initiatives and enhancements.
  • ​Who is conducting the study?
The contract to conduct this study was awarded after a competitive process to a nationally recognized expert on disparity studies. The team consists of: Colette Holt, J.D. and Steven Pitts, Ph.D. of Colette Holt & Associates; Aileen Katcher of Katcher Vaughn & Bailey Public Relations, Inc.; Russell Jackson, Ph.D. and Pam Wells of Decision Information Resources, Inc.; and Kim Stewart, M.A. and Wesley Stewart of Abaci Research & Consulting, LLC.
  • ​How can business owners get involved?
The participation of business owners is critical to the study’s outcomes. Interested persons can be part of the process in two ways:
Focus Groups: Attend a focus group of business owners in your industry to share your experiences and insights. These sessions will be held in Nashville in May and June 2013. Please contact Colette Holt to learn about convenient locations and times pertinent to your type of business at​.
  • ​Who do I contact with questions?
MNAA, Davita Taylor at (615) 275-1468 or​