Responsibilities of ACC staff include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring and using multiple technology systems such as the multi-channel radio system, fire/life safety control system, access control system/badging software, automated emergency notification system, computer aided dispatch, records management, video management software (500+ cameras), public address system, TTY/TDD and multi-line phone systems
  • Utilizing the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Metro Nashville Advanced Records Management System (ARMS) to determine vehicle registration, criminal history, warrants, stolen property, gun files, and emergency notifications
  • Dispatching personnel to investigate complaints, security infractions, and reported emergency and medical situations
  • Obtaining complete, accurate, and appropriate information from callers regarding emergency and non‐emergency situations, using this information to dispatch appropriate responders, and to maintain a daily log of all incidents via Computer Aided Dispatch software
  • Maintaining communication throughout emergency situations, including with field units and callers, local emergency and law enforcement departments, airport personnel, and air traffic control (ATC) tower
  • Activating the emergency recall plan when required
  • Disseminating severe weather forecast information to airport tenants